Anti-Graffiti Agencies

Woof, Woof is the sound we dogs’ make when we sense crime. While there are some people who enjoy the aspects of Graffiti, there are others who view it as problematic. Graffiti can be viewed as art, but not when it’s affecting someone’s property or community. If you see Graffiti on the following locations in your neighborhood, call these numbers to have it removed:

Homes and Businesses   3-1-1

Street Signs and Traffic Signals 3-1-1

Public Schools (215-400-6434)

News Stands (610-800-6455)

Newspaper Boxes (610-292-6312)

Mailboxes (215-895-8610)

Septa Bridges (215-580-7800)

PGW Property (215-684-6288)

PECO Property (800-494-4000 Press 0)

Municipal Buildings 3-1-1

Center City District (215-440-5500)

Eliminating the Cash Bail System

Philadelphia officials are considering eliminating the cash bail system which could annually save the city $75 million. It takes a financial toll on the city to hold individuals awaiting trials for minor offenses. Councilman Jones has been leading the reform efforts by addressing the underlying issues with the offender instead of sending them straight to jail. This will lead to a more progressive judicial system reducing recidivism.

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