Policy Post

Policy Post is a show hosted by Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. that explains city government in a simple, effective, and concise way. Policy Post makes it easy for taxpayers to understand what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that government in Philadelphia continues to serve its people in the best way possible.

Episode 1

The Inner-Workings of City Government

In the first episode of Policy Post, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. explains the goal of Policy Post and the basics of what Council members do for Philadelphia.

Episode 2

The Budget Process

In the second episode of Policy Post, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. expands on one of a Council member's main responsibilities: budgeting. What does the City Council do with Philadelphia taxpayers' money? Where does it all go?

Episode 3

Criminal Justice Reform

Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. returns to Policy Post to talk about the state of our current criminal justice system, areas that can be improved, and how Philadelphia Council members have and will change the future of criminal justice.


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