With approximately 150,000 residents in the district, we take great pride in servicing our constituency by connecting them to the vast range of services local government has to offer. We facilitate connections with local operating departments such as Streets, L&I, Water, and Parks & Recreations.

Our Constituent Service Representatives work directly with the residents of the 4th District on various non-legislative activities such as fixing potholes, street re-pavements, traffic light issues, and tree cutbacks.

Constituents can request the help of our staff to facilitate services by filling out the following form, calling us, or by visiting our three locations, which are City Hall, Room 404 and our (2) district offices, Wynnefield and Roxborough.

Request Form

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Please describe, in detail, the problem you would like to be addressed. Include necessary information such as specific location of the problem and the date you encountered the problem.

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