Adventures of Captain Jack Jones!

Welcome to my blog!  My name is “Captain Jack Jones." Follow me along my trail of exploration, as I share my adventures during my stroll through the 4th District.

I am no stranger to the streets; I walk every day in Wynnefield with a nose for potholes to fix and my ears tuned to hear about the latest issues and news.

I love to meet new people and help them. Perhaps, you have seen me with my owner, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. during our daily travels throughout the neighborhood? The next time you see me, please stop and say hi!

Be sure to follow my blog for updates on my next big adventure!

Adventures of Captain Jack Jones!

Due to a water main break, some residents may experience reduced pressure within the area bounded by City Ave, Haverford Ave, Lansdowne Ave, and Cobbs Creek Park. PWD crews are actively engaged and are working to restore pressure to normal levels ASAP

10 Tips for Being Safe During the Holidays!

As we are approaching the holiday season, keep in mind that crime and violence tend to increase. Please see below for 10 safety recommendations:

  • Be sure before you open the door! Please be aware of false impersonators (ex. utility providers, cable companies, etc.)
  • Make sure to lock your vehicles. Don’t leave any items or merchandise visible in your car (particularly at parking lots)
  • Consider parking in a well-lighted lot or space when shopping
  • If you go away for the holidays, make sure to lock all doors and windows of your house/apartment. Consider using light timers to turn on and off while your away. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up your mail
  • Be aware of porch pirates (package thieves).
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Avoid using outdoor ATM’s at night
  • Hold on tight to your purse to avoid getting it snatched. Instead of carrying a pocket book consider a fanny pack or cross body bag
  • Be aware of phone and e-mail solicitations that require your personal information. Ask for a phone number to call them back.
  • Most importantly, pay attention to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious or criminal activity dial 9-1-1



Anti-Graffiti Agencies

Woof, Woof is the sound we dogs’ make when we sense crime. While there are some people who enjoy the aspects of Graffiti, there are others who view it as problematic. Graffiti can be viewed as art, but not when it’s affecting someone’s property or community. If you see Graffiti on the following locations in your neighborhood, call these numbers to have it removed:

Homes and Businesses   3-1-1

Street Signs and Traffic Signals 3-1-1

Public Schools (215-400-6434)

News Stands (610-800-6455)

Newspaper Boxes (610-292-6312)

Mailboxes (215-895-8610)

Septa Bridges (215-580-7800)

PGW Property (215-684-6288)

PECO Property (800-494-4000 Press 0)

Municipal Buildings 3-1-1

Center City District (215-440-5500)

Emergency Numbers To Know

As a K-9 dog I have to ensure the safety of our residents and encourage them to check on our youth, seniors and anyone in need of service. Please view our list of Emergency Numbers to know…


5th Police District (215)-686-3050

19th Police District (215)-686-3190

39th Police District (215)-686-3390

PECO Emergency (800)-841-4141

PGW Emergency (215)-235-1212

Philadelphia Water Dept. (215)-685-6300

Licenses and Inspections (215)-686-8686

Philadelphia More Beautiful (215)-685-3968

Philadelphia Parking Authority (888)-591-3636

Poison Control Center (215)-386-2100

Dept. of Health (215)-686-5000

Philly 3-1-1

Suicide Prevention Hotline (215)-686-4420

Philadelphia Domestic Abuse Hotline (866)-723-3014

Mental Health Mobile Team (215)-685-6440

Office of Mental Health (215)-685-0400

Alzheimer’s Association 1-800-272-3900

Community Legal Services Elderly Law Project (215) 227-2400/16

Temple Elderly Law Project (215) 204-6887

Older Adult Behavioral Health Program (215) 787-2065

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Mayor’s Commission on Aging (215) 686-8450

New Courtland Senior Services 1-888-530-4913

Senior Law Center (215)-988-1242

AARP (215)-525-6040

University of Pennsylvania Living Independently for Life (215)-573-7200/7100

Snap, Greater Phila. Coalition Against Hunger (Food Stamps/Food for Seniors) (215)-430-0556

Grands as Parents (215)-236-5848

Carie (Center for Advocacy for The Rights and Interest of the Elderly (215) 545-5728

Care (Crimes Against Retired Elderly) (215)-685-9486

Aid for Friends (Home Delivered Food for the Homebound Elderly with No Other Supports) (215) 464-2224